Schedule of Actions


Mon. Jan 16: #ReclaimMLK Day

Take public action in your community to expose the injustice in your backyard. Take risks and confront the sources of our oppression directly.


Tues. Jan 17: Anti-Islamophobia Actions (Online or Offline)

In the decade and a half since September 11, 2001, Muslim, Arab, Sikh and South Asian communities in America have experienced hate violence, workplace bias, vandalism at places of worship, school bullying, airport profiling, and state surveillance, heightened immigration enforcement and discriminatory national security policies. With Black people representing more than a quarter of all US- based Muslims, we understand this violence to be clearly anti-Black. The 2016 election and its aftermath further exacerbated this hostile environment. Hate incidents targeting Muslim, Arab, Sikh and South Asian communities are among the more than 900 reports documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the few weeks after the election. In addition, advocates are concerned about government policies and practices that could lead to increased targeting and profiling of community members.

Ideas for your event today:

  1. Have your organization send a statement of support to Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities.
  2. Organize a teach-in at your college campus to learn about the impact of Islamophobia. Invite professors and activists to set context.
  3. Say no to the Muslim registry. Send a message to tech companies not to provide any infrastructure that could build a system to identify and register Muslims
  4. Ask your local city council or school board to designate your city and school as a sanctuary city and hate-free zone.


Wed. Jan 18: Anti-Deportation Actions/Environmental Defense Actions (Online or Offline)

As we brace ourselves for an administration that has threatened increased criminalization and deportations of immigrants, and that continues to deny man made-climate change, some of our most vulnerable communities are continuing to fight back. Rise up with immigrant communities and those most impacted by climate change to make your voices heard, and demand safer and more sustainable communities.


Thurs. Jan 19: Labor/Gender (Online or Offline)

The livelihood of millions of working and poor people in the U.S. is being threatened by the various wars. Deathly Wars on labor, drugs, crime, & most recently bodily autonomy are led by capitalist political authorities & big business. White supremacy has historically divided people amongst race, religion, class, and gender. This past election cycle has shown that masses of people are still disillusioned, tricked to think the that the two major parties desire a true democracy. The two major candidates failed to recognize the existence of White supremacy & their relation to it. We are oppressive when we do not acknowledge injustice.


Imagine a world where poverty & gender are not criminalized, people are not racially profiled, sexualized because of their gender, have access to livable wages, as well as reproductive healthcare. We live in a nation that continues to influence the global criminalization of poverty and those that demand bodily autonomy. There is an urgency to recognize the power of identity and how it manipulates people to perform against their own best interests.



  • Present freedom budgets to City Council or County Commissioners office: $100,000 divestment from police/prisons & investment in labor/gender justice justice
  • Rally/press conferences at municipal/state general assembly buildings & hold rallies
  • Organize a teach-in/info-session about the interconnectedness of labor & gender (record or live-broadcast)



  • Solidarity statements via social media (video posts); Op-ed/Letter-to-the-Editor, shareable blog posts (written statements)
  • Petition local & state representatives take action towards livable wages, workplace discrimination, maintaining accessible health care, or the preservation of bodily autonomy
  • Sharing of labor/gender justice stories, in relation to the current GOP attack on both economic & bodily autonomy


Take ACTION now to reclaim MLK, reclaim our labor & bodies that are still integrating into a burning, illegitimate house.


Fri. Jan 20 (Inauguration Day): Mass Mobilizations / Justice Student & Youth Actions 

Take mass action. Join one of the many mobilizing efforts taking place around the country or in DC or create your own.

4,570 have heard the call. Join Us!
Build Safe and Vibrant Communities for All Black People
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