Vallejo Juneteenth Land and Liberation Action

Outside of the J.F. K. Library
505 Santa Clara Street Vallejo California 94590
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On Juneteenth 2017
(Monday, June 19th), Black
people across the country
will be taking back land
and reclaiming space, from
vacant lots to empty school
buildings. We are taking back
land that should be used
for the good of the people;
land that has historically
been denied access to
Black people. Through these
actions we will confront the
institutions that have been
built off the extracted wealth
of Black bodies and Black
land and the individuals who
have profited from them.
Vallejo has always been under attack with our history of
Mare Island, C and H Sugar and Native Ceremonial
Our city has the highest numbers of homelessness in Solano
County, majority being black men. We are getting the bunt of the
oppressive housing battle in Oakland, Berkeley
and San Francisco – people are moving to Vallejo
daily to escape the madness of the apartment crisis
in the East Bay.
Vallejo’s  action brings People’s Movement Assembly concepts
to gather the homeless in our infinetry of movement.
We will explore how to stratical stop the gentrification
process which will try to exploit Vallejo.  We wish to resurrect a
new economy based on land trust, green cooperatives,
 co-housingand intentional communities for black people
homeless and needing affordable housing – take back the land!