Not only Dr. King Gallery Walk and #ReclaimMLK Media Campaign

Rosa Parks Room, Davis Center, UVM
590 Main St Burlington Vermont 05401
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an opportunity to remember not only the incredible contributions of Dr. King in the Civil Rights Movement, but also the legacies of lesser known black activists across the centuries and the oft ignored broader goals of the movement Dr. King lead. In recognition of the tendency to whitewash Martin Luther King Jr. Day and widespread ignorance about other black leaders, the Black Student Union at the University of Vermont has created a gallery display of black activists from the 18th Century to the present. The gallery is a testimony to the diversity, strength and longevity of the movement for black lives that challenges the colorblind narrative of post-racial America and provides an opportunity for students to learn about lesser known black leaders. In addition, the gallery walk will be accompanied with a #ReclaimMLK media campaign in order to connect with the broader week of action organized by the Movement for Black Lives.